6 Characteristics of Effective Training Program for Employees

The human resource is the “hands and brains” of any business organization. It is one of key resources, without which no operations can take place. Here, we take into account the importance of imparting training program for employees in Delhi. Just like any machinery would require updating and fixing, the human resource too needs to go through stringent development and training program for employees in Delhi, from time to time.

Nativism is Delhi based business outfit that provides services, such as staff augmentation, Talent Management, Recruiting, Staffing, Software Development & Infrastructure management, Managed services and providing training program for employees in Delhi.

The Need of Training

Training program for employees in Delhi is required to update the human resource of any organization to better their performance as individuals and in groups.Training can be initiated due to a lot of reasons.

  • Employees can be trained for a specific task or a pilot project, while in training program for employees in Delhi.

  • For complete performance acceleration as required by their designation, to be able to perform better individually or as a unit.

  • Training is imparted to a promising employee, capable of handling higher positions, for succession or say, upcoming role change in the organization.

  • When the performance appraisal report indicated the need of specific skill training for the employee to be able to perform better.

Benefits of an Efficient Human Capital Training Program

The various reasons, as to why training and development of the human capital is necessary for an organization as well as an individual are:

  • Reduced need of supervision and increased consistency in work performance beneficial to both employer and employee in the long run.

  • Development of Skill sets that are either required for a particular task or for the overall employee skill development.

  • To achieve Optimum utilization of human resource by bringing about an increase in their productivity through efficient training programs.

  • Job satisfaction in employees when they get to learn something new that boosts their personal performance and abilities, proving to be praiseworthy and productive for the organization.

  • Training program for employees in Delhi to reduce employee turnover, which is, imparting training programs to the current staff, to help them enhance their skills, so that there would be no need to replace them.

  • Thriving in competition is another reason why employees are supposed to receive effective training program for employees in Delhi. When the employees are knowledgeable and updated, any organization can sustain and thrive in the cut-throat market competition.

  • To sustain changes in industry, training is importantly required. Keeping up with latest technology developments and newer skills will only help employees contribute in the organization’s goal attainment.

  • Eliminating skill gaps and weaknesses, so that the employee is confident enough and are self-motivated to give their hundred percent to any task, thereby, benefitting the business.

  • Training also helps employees in being innovation in strategizing and problem solving.

Training Programs

Below are the various training programs training program for employees in Delhi, pertaining to training and development in an organization. Employees can be trained in:

  • Computer technology for smoother functioning as everything today is dependent on technology and digital media. Sound computer knowledge will help the employees in different facets of work or professional engagements.

  • Customer service training helps employees in tackling customers with great expertise and be knowledgeable enough to resolve their problems.

  • Safety is another training aspect, that trains the employees in cautious when working with heavy machinery, equipment, assembly lines and hazardous chemicals. They are also trained to tackle any kind of assault, in training program for employees in Delhi.

  • Organizational ethics refers to training employees in CSR, that is, Corporate Social Responsibility. Under CSR one is trained in tactics to fulfil social responsibilities, such as awareness and a protective attitude towards nature, society, locality and the underprivileged. This training program for employees in Delhi is also equally about bringing morals and humility at the workplace.

  • Communication helps employees train in diverse communication techniques to be able to efficiently communicate through different business channels and with people belonging to different ethnicities and regions, in training program for employees in Delhi.

  • Risk Management training pertains to handling sexual assaults. Diversity in workforce is another training program, coming under risk management, which is undertaken by organizations to teach their employees techniques of value diversity and to helping them understand different point of views and perspectives.

  • Quality Initiatives trains employees in basic concepts of quality standards, guidelines and concepts. It is a thorough training in concepts like, TQM, benchmarking, Quality Circles etc.

Characteristics of a Training Programs

It is extremely important in training program for employees in Delhi to instill in employees how training will personally help them take their career to great heights. There lies a need to encourage them, to engage them in training program for employees in Delhi ,by showing them how their performance will not only help the organization to flourish but also add positivity to their own resume.

1. Training needs assessment

Training program for employees in Delhi needs assessment pertains to identifying the various goals of the business.

  • Determining the tasks to be performed by the employees in training program for employees in Delhi.

  • Determining training activities that will be necessary to perform these tasks.

  • Determining the most effective training program for employees in Delhi ,in accordance to the employee's’ characteristics.

2. Evaluating adult learning shortcomings and benefits

It basically implies keeping in mind adult traits of learning, while creating a training program for employees in Delhi. Training will be even more successful if due importance is given to the fact that unlike children, adults have characteristics such as fast learning ability, wanting task oriented, relevant training, having an already existing base of relevant knowledge and self-motivated. A more practical approach while formulating effective training sessions would certainly benefit.

3. Ascertaining training objectives

It is extremely critical for a successful training program for employees in Delhi, to first of all, ascertain the various objectives to be reached. These objectives are the desired end result of the training sessions. Learning objectives should be able to accomplish and address knowledge, skill, attitude (KSA’s)

4. Developing and designing training material

Developing specific and relevant training material for training program for employees in Delhi, with the help of various tools is the key to a successful training program. Microsoft office can be easily used to prepare and develop a concise training material. All that is to be kept in mind, while formulating the training material for training program for employees in Delhi, is:

  • The objectives and need of learning, and the equipment needed to train successfully.

  • Training material designing should be followed by content development. Material should be created in accordance with the training needs.

  • Include simulation in the process and try making the exercise interaction based. Engage employees in a way that stimulates easy learning in training program for employees in Delhi.

  • Break material into smaller parts to increase understanding.

  • Use training technique that uses several formats, such as, instructor based as well as computer based.

5. Implementing training

Employees must be given an outline of the training program to be undertaken so that they are equipped beforehand with a pre- training preparation. Training implementation requires an array of activities to be undertaken to successfully induce training. Implementation requires:

  • Arranging necessary equipment, for training program for employees in Delhi

  • Arranging for a proper place to undertake training program for employees in Delhi.

6. Evaluating training

Evaluating, an already undertaken training program, helps to grasp its success or shortcomings. The success of a training program can be predicted by observing while imparting training during a training program for employees in Delhi. An interactive employee is a good parameter of a successful training session. A training program can be easily evaluated on the basis of:

  • Reaction of Employees while training in a training program for employees in Delhi.

  • Actual learning by the employee.

  • Post- training skill adaptation by trained employees.

  • Measuring training results in terms of predetermined objectives.

Training Program for Employees in Delhi

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