Staff Augmentation

Nativism provides its clients with Staff Augmentation Services. Staff Augmentation is basically analyzing the current staff and filling the skill set gap by inducing additional staff into any given work process. It is a strategy to overcome hurdles in achieving objectives by staffing appropriate talent into a project as per requirement. It is also an alternative to project outsourcing.

Under Staff Augmentation we try to understand the client's exact requirement and also take time to evaluate the cost and time that could be invested to provide our clients with exemplary solutions to drive profits. It is of vital importance for us to take time to understand the project or process that requires assistance, in depth, to be able to deliver the best suited candidate. Also, we get a fair idea of the particular business and its trends, practices. This in turn results into shorter hiring timeline. Whether our client owns a small business or a large company our Staff Augmentation services are flexible enough to meet everyone's needs. Our customized services, zeal to deliver and cost efficiency truly fit in with one and all.

By hiring our services our clients are rescued from otherwise laborious and time consuming activities of searching for the correct candidate by writing appropriate job postings, posting these jobs online, scanning through hundreds of applications, interviewing the clients and what not. At Nativism, such tardy process is reduced to bits as we use our already maintained database and other platforms such as online portals, professional networking etc. to accomplish the job within stipulated time and being cost aware. With the client's time and money saved, most important tasks on hand can be focused upon.

We take special care of not wasting the client's time by only submitting profiles that are most profoundly connected to the job profile and matching the skill sets as mentioned and required by the project. The process also includes thorough pre- screening and imparting the selected candidate with a good idea of the task .The candidate is also induced into the scene by us by prop him with fair training material and basic project acquaintance.

We help our clients to leverage any opportunities crucial to successful completion of the project by helping them scale up as per their workforce requirement. We provide the talent that technology leaders need to ensure smooth system implementation, enhancement, upgrade and production support initiatives

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