Software Services

Nativism is a proficient player in the field of Software Services, where we provide our clients with standard Software Services. These robust services are provided to ease your day to day business environment for an easy predictability and management

The software services, provided by us, not only help you observe your business better and command a better perspective to help you make profitable decisions but also helps in optimizing your business running cost.

Software Development Technologies

Software Developments is a process containing a series of subsequent processes to maintain and create frameworks and applications ensuing software product. It involves computer programming, documenting, testing and fixing the bugs, etc.

Software development is of immense importance and assists a business by eliminating the need to rely on intuition when it comes to development of new products or systems. We use technologies such as, .Net Framework, Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Jscript etc.

Under the Testing Services, we develop and customize an appropriate testing strategy for our clients, which includes both, Manual and automated services and consequent performance management.

Under manual testing services, defects in software are searched for, manually. Whereas, a platform laid to provide appropriate executing, developing and reporting environment for automation test scripts, is what we call Test Automation Framework. The test Automation frameworks can be used to avail various benefits, such as, modulation, code re-usability, scripting, lower cost maintenance, scalability, coverage, recovery, minimum manual intervention, etc.

We use web or software testing frameworks, such as Selenium and QTP (Quick Test Professional), etc. These frameworks are used to automate web browsers, provide automation to regression and functional test for environments as well as Software Applications.

Meaningful data patterns discovery, interpretation as well as communication is what we call Analytics. It covers the various questions pertaining correlations and patterns of various business functions and subsequently helps you understand your organization better, by using predictive modelling, available statistics, machine-learning methods, mathematics.

We use Big Data technology, to analyze big data, which is a large data volume, whether it’s unstructured or structured, flooding any business on a daily basis. This analysis helps personnel make better judgements and tactical business moves, benefitting the overall profitability of any business.

IT Infrastructure Services 

At Nativism, we aim to provide unparalleled and reliable Infrastructure services to our clients. Though these services, we seek to help you with an excellent integration of the various business functions, operations and processes by designing a robust strategy. This strategy would benefit by helping you to design, build and run your IT infrastructure services swiftly and without any troubles, all at an optimal cost. 

We work on bendable yet strong delivery model to ensure better availability of infrastructure and its optimum utilization, which in turn, helps boost satisfaction in the end user. 

Our IT Infrastructure Services include, Database management, Server management, End User Computing, IT Process Automation etc.

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